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  • We offer a wonderfully simple recipe for great family photographs: take a few nice afternoons, mix together with some things you all like to do, at home, in the park, in your garden. Before you know it, you'll have beautiful, natural photos that reflect who you really are - no studios, no set-ups, just you and your family, at ease. As an award-winning photojournalist, I've spent more than ten years getting to know people from Burma to Burkina Faso. I'd love to get to know you, too, and that's why the first visit's free!

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  • Are you walking down the aisle? Congratulations! We're happy to do free consultations for you about wedding photography, which we do beautifully. But you want these very special days to be absolutely perfect, and so do we - that's why we encourage you to call us right away at +1-831-756-1082 or send us an e-mail at jaydunnphotography@yahoo.com. - we have portfolios to show you in person!

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  • In almost any moment of doubt, the children are the ones that bring me back. They are always the first, to greet the stranger in town, to apprehend his place in the world, to give and expect nothing but company in return. In the very brilliance of their goodness I am compelled, to answer curiosity with invention, to measure feeling with only heart, as they do, blindly, and with a smile. The children I have met, who are ever the key to their watchful parents, with wide eyes, and open minds, are everything we could still be ourselves.


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  • www.jaydunn.org
    Jay Dunn is a freelance photojournalist intrigued by the “essential human condition.”

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  • Jay Dunn
    “In the very humanity of a gesture, what I look for are the emotions we all share, the intimacy of friendship, or the pain of loss, an offering to the hungry, or hands clasped in prayer. To have stopped, when it was much easier to walk away, to have tried to make a difference, to have regarded the ways of others, and found lessons for my own life, these things alone keep open that elusive window, through which I hope, in my photographs, a moment of truth may still be seen.”

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